Hi amazing person!

Hope your season is going well. Where I reside, in Los Angeles, California, is starting to get sunny and more hot, and I’m trying my best to take my work to different areas of Los Angeles county, since I coach most of my clients online.

That’s truly the beauty of having my private coaching business, where I have the majority of my clients being coached via email and online chat. I also have some clients who like to meet on Skype calls. But lately, I’ve been asked about meeting some people locally.

So I just thought that I would write important announcements so I keep everyone updated!! Here you go:

  1. Due to other commitments this summer, I’m not able to accept new chat coaching clients both in this website and in the habit tracking website. I plan to continue to devote time to my current clients.

if you are one of my chat coaching clients, this doesn’t affect you at all. Actually, I will have more time to devote to your goals.

2. I’m still accepting new clients who want to sign up to Skype or phone call coaching

3. Accepting new Local clients in Los Angeles County: at this moment my office in Granada Hills is undergoing remodeling. I’m available to meet local clients at coffee shops, private residence, and can also make a reservation to meet at the Panorama City Premier Business Office. I can find other locations around LA county, please let me know where you live and I can reserve a professional meeting room for us to meet. To sign up to receive coaching from me locally, sign up HERE


I’m also praying about whether I should move my office to another area in Los Angeles County. Having my office in Pasadena would be perfect since I love it there. If you know of an opportunity for me to rent an office there, let me know.

4. Did you know that I changed my work telephone number from 818-231-5889 to 877-788-7230 since Feb. 23, 2017?

Please save my new work number if you haven’t already.

The biggest announcement is that I updated my phone plan for my work number and can receive and send text messages from my new number!! So go ahead and text me, especially if we have been phone tagging. I’m sorry for all the missed calls, it’s truly been a season where I’m managing different “plates.”


5. How can I pray for you? No matter how much I might have in my plate during some weeks in the summer, I can always pray for you, regardless if you are or not my client. I love praying, what an honor! Feel free to email me if you have a prayer request that you would like for me to agree and pray for.


6. Waiting List: If you are wanting to sign up to one of my chat coaching plans, I can add you to my waiting list, just email me to give you notification of the next time I can accept new CHAT coaching clients:


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