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How to Be a Top Writer for Medium!

Hi there, how are you? Despite life and various opinions (most of them were not so nice to hear) from people who care so much about me…I kept and keep writing…now I’m listed as Top Productivity Writer on www.Medium.com. Praise God, I know He is the one favoring my writing, English is not even my […]


How to Get More Clients (with Checklist at the Bottom)

This blog post is for coaches, counselors, therapists, and related professionals, who are looking to launch their business and serve more clients. My niche (specialty) changed from being a Christian Women Life Coach to being a Productivity Life Coach. Last year, I coached eight female clients for free. But after I changed my niche (specialty), […]


How to establish a routine (Podcast)

Whatever change you’ve had you need to establish a persistent schedule and that takes time. Be patient. It’ll take time. In addition, you need to be mindful on how your mind works, such as how creative you are. On the Above episodes, I’m teaching you how to establish a routine and basic scheduling tips. Click on […]