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Life as a Writer

Hey friend, as a few of you know, I’m working on writing my devotional book. The more often I write, the more I’m noticing that my lifestyle is a bit different, and in some ways I’ve become obsessed about having at least 2 pens and a notebook, or a journal at hand to be able […]

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4 Tips to Find More Balance

4 Tips to Have More Balance How to have more balance ? (A bit over 5 minutes)1) Ask for Help2) Move Around (Exercise)3) Declutter Your Mind: – Bullet Journal- Productivity Planner: https://www.intelligentchange.com/products/the-productivity-planner- http://www.simpleology.com- Evernote: https://evernote.com4) Do 1 thing you really enjoy doing once a week and commit to it Posted by Liliana Fung, Procrastination Life […]

Do Your Next Step

In this  5 minute video I share a simple tip that will help you do your next step. Imagine Your Next Step Do your next step Posted by Liliana Fung, Procrastination Life Coach on Friday, June 30, 2017 Hope this video blesses you! If you are still having a hard time in your next step, […]


Hi amazing person! Hope your season is going well. Where I reside, in Los Angeles, California, is starting to get sunny and more hot, and I’m trying my best to take my work to different areas of Los Angeles county, since I coach most of my clients online. That’s truly the beauty of having my […]

Healing and letting go

Hey there! I want to encourage those of you who sometimes seem to get trapped in the middle of something you know you need to let go of. I always try my best to pray before writing. If you didn’t know that, well now you know why you might see me as a good writer. […]


How To Overcome Disappointment

  You can Access the Above Podcasts on how to overcome disappointment by Clicking on Play. There are 3 parts by the way! In the podcast, I’m going over my stories of disappointment and discouragement, and 3 Things you can do to overcome disappointment: 1) Be around people who support and encourage your dreams 2) […]

Trusting God as a Single Person

How are you doing?   Tonight is one of those evenings when I can’t help, but write.   I sometimes get into personal conversations with God in where I’m honestly asking him “how come I’m still Single?” (I don’t always ask him this. In fact, I’m often pretty content about this season, I have a […]