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How I can Help you as your Life Coach

I have an important announcement to make. Due to the high demand of coaching requests that I had in the Spring of 2019, I'm currently not accepting any new clients in the month of June. I want to ask everyone who is interested in my coaching…
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Liliana Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

Due to many asking me the same type of questions and due to the fact that I like to manage my time well, I've compiled the most frequently asked questions I have from people that are curious to know if my coaching will work in their goals.…
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How to Reward Yourself

Rewarding myself is a habit that I began a few years ago when a therapist helped me notice that I was new to the idea of celebrating and rewarding myself for any progress or milestones I've made. I find that there are a few individuals…
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Journaling Questions

Have you ever considered that the answers you are looking for might be inside of you? In these journaling questions, my hope is for you to find answers you have been looking to get. In addition, my hope is to inspire you to dig a little…
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Journaling is the Best Therapy

I've gone through a long process of inner healing in the past 7 years. Many times, I've felt really good and thought I didn't need to uncover another layer of healing. I stopped pursuing healing in 2014. During the years 2014-2018, I've noticed…
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Turning Points that Humbled Me

In the stories of many different characters in the Bible (like in Job7:6, and of Habakkuk 1:1) you will see that there were moments of silence and really challenging times. I feel the immense need to encourage you because the Holy Spirit…
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What Can I Do to Make Myself Ready?

I hear many solutions, milestones, opportunities, open doors and events that people are waiting on. There IS a huge amount of prayers that I’ve been praying, AND FOR WHICH I AM waiting on a response FOR. We are all waiting for at least…

How to Overcome Rejection

Many don't know that I've faced rejection many times. And of course it hurts, but with time, it seems it hurts less. And with the passing of times, it seems I take less time to forgive, forget about it and let it go like the song "Let it Go."   I've…
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Do a Self Reality Check