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Journaling is the Best Therapy

I've gone through a long process of inner healing in the past 7 years. Many times, I've felt really good and thought I didn't need to uncover another layer of healing. I stopped pursuing healing in 2014. During the years 2014-2018, I've noticed…

How to Overcome Rejection

Many don't know that I've faced rejection many times. And of course it hurts, but with time, it seems it hurts less. And with the passing of times, it seems I take less time to forgive, forget about it and let it go like the song "Let it Go."   I've…
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Do a Self Reality Check


List of some things I do to Rest

First and foremost, rest is not easy for me to do, but due to the bad habit of working too much, I'm writing this for you and to stay accountable for me.  So I came up with a list of things that I do to practice rest seriously. Feel free to…

How to Fight Off Insecurities and Excuses

In this 12 min podcast, you will listen to practical tips on how to fight off insecurities. There are more tips I will share on another day. https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/practical-steps-to-fight-off-excuses-and-insecurities
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How to Track Your Progress Fast

Have you ever wondered if there is an app that will remind you of the new habits you are trying to accomplish and at the same time will track your progress for free? Check out the COACH.ME app!! I invite you to watch this 11 min tutorial. …

Self-Affirmations - Podcast

feeling adhd in women


Pride is in between real heart to heart conversations. Pride sometimes likes to hangout with people who care too much about being proper. Pride happens and then we can't be fully ourselves, because pride is like putting cheap makeup on…
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Life Coaching Success Story

Hey there, hope your day is going well. On this post, I wanted to share this 11 minutes video of the success story of Violet Detre, where she shares what she learned and how she is doing after receiving coaching from me. Hope you enjoy…

Anger Management Training

Hello amazing person, I know what it's like to carry so much inside, to feel angry, and one day, suddenly explode. I created 2 audio training recordings on the topic of anger management. In the second recording, it deals more with conflict…