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Pride is in between real heart to heart conversations. Pride sometimes likes to hangout with people who care too much about being proper. Pride happens and then we can't be fully ourselves, because pride is like putting cheap makeup on…
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Life Coaching Success Story

Hey there, hope your day is going well. On this post, I wanted to share this 11 minutes video of the success story of Violet Detre, where she shares what she learned and how she is doing after receiving coaching from me. Hope you enjoy…

Anger Management Training

Hello amazing person, I know what it's like to carry so much inside, to feel angry, and one day, suddenly explode. I created 2 audio training recordings on the topic of anger management. In the second recording, it deals more with conflict…

Do you need Prayer for your Business or for Depression?

In this video, I'm going over my secret for success and productivity, which is prayer! Do you need prayer for your business or depression? Watch this! https://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Fung.Page/videos/466528443687720/

Healing and letting go

Hey there! I want to encourage those of you who sometimes seem to get trapped in the middle of something you know you need to let go of. I always try my best to pray before writing. If you didn't know that, well now you know why you…
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How To Overcome Disappointment

https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/how-to-overcome-disappointment https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/how-to-overcome-disappointment-part-2 https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/how-to-overcome-disappointment-part-3   You…

What to Do When You Feel Depressed?

    Hey Friend, If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, I made a series of videos with tips. Hope this blesses you! How I helped a client with mild depression: “Coach Liliana helped me during a time…
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What to Do When You Feel Stuck

In this video, I go over these 4 Easy Strategies: 1) Write on a piece of paper or board: why you want to continue working on your business, ministry or project? , What would happen if you don’t do so? , What would happen to the people you…
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How To Make Changes

Changes are difficult to make. But the hardest thing is to make consistent changes. That’s what I want to cover in this article.   I’m here to remind you that it is extremely important for you to commit yourself to the small…