Life Coaching Success Story

Hey there, hope your day is going well. On this post, I wanted to share this 11 minutes video of the success story of Violet Detre, where she shares what she learned and how she is doing after receiving coaching from me. Hope you enjoy…
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Do you need Prayer for your Business or for Depression?

In this video, I'm going over my secret for success and productivity, which is prayer! Do you need prayer for your business or depression? Watch this! https://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Fung.Page/videos/466528443687720/
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How To Overcome Disappointment

https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/how-to-overcome-disappointment https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/how-to-overcome-disappointment-part-2 https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/how-to-overcome-disappointment-part-3   You…

How to Get More Clients (with Checklist at the Bottom)

This blog post is for coaches, counselors, therapists, and related professionals, who are looking to launch their business and serve more clients. My niche (specialty) changed from being a Christian Women Life Coach to being a Productivity…

How to Develop an Idea for a Current or New Business

This article is for you if you already have a business but have new ideas to add; and if you have an idea that you want to turn into a business. Disclaimer: You make your own personalized choices. The following are some steps you can take.…

What to Do When You Feel Stuck

In this video, I go over these 4 Easy Strategies: 1) Write on a piece of paper or board: why you want to continue working on your business, ministry or project? , What would happen if you don’t do so? , What would happen to the people you…

How to establish a routine (Podcast)

Whatever change you've had you need to establish a persistent schedule and that takes time. Be patient. It'll take time. In addition, you need to be mindful on how your mind works, such as how creative you are. On the Above episodes, I'm…
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How to Make a Year End Review and Be Ready for 2017

The year is about to end while I write this on December 28th. I’ve been trying my best to review what I’ve learned, what has been successful, and what hasn’t been successful. Are you ready to join me in making a year-end review?…