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How to Track Your Progress Fast

Have you ever wondered if there is an app that will remind you of the new habits you are trying to accomplish and at the same time will track your progress for free? Check out the COACH.ME app!! I invite you to watch this 11 min tutorial. …
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Shortcuts to more balance - Podcast

Hey friend, I invite you to listen to my podcast, where I include 3 shortcuts for more balance! https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/shortcuts-for-more-balance  
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Life as a Writer

Hey friend, as a few of you know, I'm working on writing my devotional book. The more often I write, the more I'm noticing that my lifestyle is a bit different, and in some ways I've become obsessed about having at least 2 pens…
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4 Tips to Find More Balance

https://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Fung.Page/videos/501575380183026/ Ask for help Ask a friend, mentor, pastor, a life coach, your boss for help. Have someone u trust listen to u and give them permission to speak into your life to show…

Do Your Next Step

In this  5 minute video I share a simple tip that will help you do your next step. https://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Fung.Page/videos/484696368537594/ Hope this video blesses you! If you are still having a hard time in your next step,…
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Life Coaching Success Story

Hey there, hope your day is going well. On this post, I wanted to share this 11 minutes video of the success story of Violet Detre, where she shares what she learned and how she is doing after receiving coaching from me. Hope you enjoy…
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How to Be a Top Writer for Medium!

Hi there, how are you? Despite life and various opinions (most of them were not so nice to hear) from people who care so much about me...I kept and keep writing...now I'm listed as Top Productivity Writer on www.Medium.com. Praise God, I know…

How to Get More Clients (with Checklist at the Bottom)

This blog post is for coaches, counselors, therapists, and related professionals, who are looking to launch their business and serve more clients. My niche (specialty) changed from being a Christian Women Life Coach to being a Productivity…