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How I can Help you as your Life Coach

I have an important announcement to make. Due to the high demand of coaching requests that I had in the Spring of 2019, I'm currently not accepting any new clients in the month of June. I want to ask everyone who is interested in my coaching…
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Liliana Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

Due to many asking me the same type of questions and due to the fact that I like to manage my time well, I've compiled the most frequently asked questions I have from people that are curious to know if my coaching will work in their goals.…
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How to Reward Yourself

Rewarding myself is a habit that I began a few years ago when a therapist helped me notice that I was new to the idea of celebrating and rewarding myself for any progress or milestones I've made. I find that there are a few individuals…
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Journaling Questions

Have you ever considered that the answers you are looking for might be inside of you? In these journaling questions, my hope is for you to find answers you have been looking to get. In addition, my hope is to inspire you to dig a little…
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How to Track Your Progress Fast

Have you ever wondered if there is an app that will remind you of the new habits you are trying to accomplish and at the same time will track your progress for free? Check out the COACH.ME app!! I invite you to watch this 11 min tutorial. …
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Shortcuts to more balance - Podcast

Hey friend, I invite you to listen to my podcast, where I include 3 shortcuts for more balance! https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/shortcuts-for-more-balance  
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Life as a Writer

Hey friend, as a few of you know, I'm working on writing my devotional book. The more often I write, the more I'm noticing that my lifestyle is a bit different, and in some ways I've become obsessed about having at least 2 pens…
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4 Tips to Find More Balance

https://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Fung.Page/videos/501575380183026/ Ask for help Ask a friend, mentor, pastor, a life coach, your boss for help. Have someone u trust listen to u and give them permission to speak into your life to show…