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What Can I Do to Make Myself Ready?

I hear many solutions, milestones, opportunities, open doors and events that people are waiting on. There IS a huge amount of prayers that I’ve been praying, AND FOR WHICH I AM waiting on a response FOR. We are all waiting for at least…
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Do a Self Reality Check


Self-Affirmations - Podcast

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Shortcuts to more balance - Podcast

Hey friend, I invite you to listen to my podcast, where I include 3 shortcuts for more balance! https://soundcloud.com/lilianafung_37/shortcuts-for-more-balance  
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4 Tips to Find More Balance

https://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Fung.Page/videos/501575380183026/ Ask for help Ask a friend, mentor, pastor, a life coach, your boss for help. Have someone u trust listen to u and give them permission to speak into your life to show…

What to Do When You Feel Depressed?

    Hey Friend, If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, I made a series of videos with tips. Hope this blesses you! How I helped a client with mild depression: “Coach Liliana helped me during a time…
make consistent changes
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How To Make Changes

Changes are difficult to make. But the hardest thing is to make consistent changes. That’s what I want to cover in this article.   I’m here to remind you that it is extremely important for you to commit yourself to the small…

How To Prevent Colds

I care about each of you, and I don’t like getting sick either. I’ve had days where it took me a long time to recover from the cold, and I’ve had days where I was only fighting a cold for a day. So here are my tips in preventing, since…