Coping with ADHD or ADD

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Are you coping with ADHD?

What I’m about to share with you is what I have seen that worked to minimize the effects of ADHD or ADD.

I’ve compiled many strategies and tips to help you, that have personally helped me, along with my past and current clients:

Strategy 1: When you get bored, multitask

For example, if you get bored doing your laundry or in long conversations or meetings, try to take your meetings to a walk, and try to do your laundry while watching a movie or video on your phone. If you get bored in the middle of checking and responding to important emails, try to schedule by using a timer 5 minutes of a break to browse anything you want or prepare/buy your favorite drink while responding to emails.

Strategy 2: Music in the background (preferably white noise, coffee shop noise, or instrumental music works)

cope adhd music


Here is a link that might help give you the right kind of white noise or background sounds while you get something done.

If you don’t like that, I recommend the “Productivity” station in Pandora; it’s just instrumental music that has a beautiful and fun beat.

Strategy 3: Write things down

This includes scheduling and writing in your planner or Google Calendar. Research shows that it’s easier to retain information learned when physically writing, instead of typing it.



Strategy 4: Exercise

One of the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that are released when you exercise is dopamine, which tends to be low in the brain of people who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. The medications for ADHD/ADD will boost dopamine levels in your brain. If you would like a natural way of boosting domaine levels in your brain, to boost motivation and focus, try some form of exercise everyday!

Strategy 5: Have a cue or trigger to do your next thing that is easy to see

In my observation, while coaching and counseling many people who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, I believe that most tend to be very visual people. What do you think?

For example, as someone who was diagnosed with ADD, who have taken a learning quiz where my results were both auditory and visual, I consider that I need to see things for me to focus on them. I sometimes put a post it next to my laptop screen where I wrote the most important things I need to get done, and I sometimes just write one thing I must do on a specific day.


Strategy 6:  Eat fewer sweets

cope with adhd less sweets

Research proves that eating higher amounts of sugar can affect your cognitive skills. I hope that if you struggle with ADHD/ADD, you probably care a lot to minimize brain fog and severe memory recall.


Strategy 7: Ask people to give you a deadline

Yes, I know not all my readers are in school but this works wonders. I’ve asked many of my friends who ask me to do them a favor, to give me a deadline so that I will make sure I do it on the day of the deadline or at least one day before.

If you work for yourself, you are going to have to get yourself an active accountability partner or hire a coach to help you practice the art of giving yourself reasonable deadlines.

Strategy 8: Renew Your Mind

Usually, people who struggle with ADHD/ADD, deal with self-doubt. If there aren’t cheerleaders around you, you are to learn to practice self-affirmations, which is pretty much to talk nice things to yourself daily such as “I did well today,” “I did enough today,” “I have to shut my phone so that I can sleep,” “I can’t meet with that person until I’m done with my work day.”

If you are a Christian, perhaps renewing your mind with the words in the bible will help, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect” (Romans 12:2).
The psychiatrist that I used to see when I was taking medication for ADD, after few months of being treated with medication, therapy, a support group, alongside biblical practices that I do as a Christian, my psychiatrist told me that he saw my progress as a spiritual recovery. He saw me thriving while on medication and also while tapering off, until I decided not to use it anymore.  I formed valuable routines, in addition to getting enough support and knowing how to renew my mind by the word of God. Yes, meditating on the words in the bible has helped me but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the aid of Bible study groups, pastors, and mentors.

Strategy 9: Adjust the times of your clocks to 5-15 minutes earlier

Yes, you heard it correctly. Besides the need of wearing a watch, and having analog clocks around you, it’s good to adjust the times of your clocks up to 15 minutes earlier.

Trust me, once you do this, after sometime, you will forget that your time is different than the real time.

Strategy 10: Take Supplements

Take supplements and vitamins such as B12, B6, Omega 3 Fish Oil, NeuroClarity (I bought this on Amazon), and it helped me to focus to pass a class that I had to repeat. Also, if you struggle with sleeping due to medication, try taking melatonin supplements.

Strategy 11: When you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself “Have I stored a lot of information in my brain?”

“Is there any information I’ve learned that I can share or teach other people?”

This last technique will work if you find yourself to be an auditory learner who tends to enjoy searching and finding new information every day. Auditory learners usually should organize information, share, or teach it to process and retain it.


If you have no idea how you learn, here is a short quiz.


And that’s it, just want to keep this article short and sweet.

I would love to hear from you! If you have taken the above quiz, what is your learning style?

I want to know if my hypothesis is correct if people who struggle with ADHD tend to be visual learners.

Also, if you happen to have a remedy, tip or strategy that has worked for you to minimize ADHD/ADD symptoms, I would love to hear from you by commenting below!


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