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4 Tips to Find More Balance

4 Tips to Have More Balance

How to have more balance ? (A bit over 5 minutes)1) Ask for Help2) Move Around (Exercise)3) Declutter Your Mind: – Bullet Journal- Productivity Planner: https://www.intelligentchange.com/products/the-productivity-planner- http://www.simpleology.com- Evernote: https://evernote.com4) Do 1 thing you really enjoy doing once a week and commit to it

Posted by Liliana Fung, Procrastination Life Coach on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

  1. Ask for help

    Ask a friend, mentor, pastor, a life coach, your boss for help. Have someone u trust listen to u and give them permission to speak into your life to show you something they see that needs to change

  1. Move around

    Exercise in your own time. If it’ss hard, commit to a hike, a run, a walk once a week with a friend or a loved one. Or, sign up to the gym and go consistently.

    Remember: when we dont move around we dont know how our body feels and what it needs. Some people make better decisions when they are outside their work environment

  1. Declutter Your Mind

    Write down all of your projects, to do lists into a notebook, look up:

    Bullet Journal (physical notebook)

    Productivity planner https://www.intelligentchange.com/products/the-productivity-planner  (weekly and daily to do list)

    http://www.simpleology.com/ (plan to do lists on line)

    Evernote: https://evernote.com  (save pictures, websites, journal, write to do lists)

  1. Do 1 thing you really enjoy doing once a week and commit to it

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