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I hope these resources help you as you take your next step towards change, wholeness, a more focused and balanced life. I do this as a way to bless someone. I’ve been very blessed throughout many years reading blog posts and also receiving professional help (from therapists to coaches, it has all been worth it). I genuinely want to bless you as well:

1. Checklist to Start Your Private Practice:

Click Here, Scroll Down and Download Your Checklist

2. More Blog Posts

More blog posts get posted on Medium, where I write more personal stories, tutorials and strategies about my favorite topics

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Here are my favorite and free resources that have helped me in my journey these past 10 years:

1. Virtual accountability, check it out:

2. My favorite homemaking and biblical marriage podcast/blogposts

3. Practical Wisdom in Relationships and Love Well

4. Watch Terri Savelle Foy’s Videos

She is a cheerleader of dreams ad success coach:

5. Background noise

For those of you who enjoy a good background noise to keep the focus:

– Pandora and Prime music also have amazing stations to choose from
– Dark noise is also another great apple app for background noise

Have a suggestion for the next freebie? Comment in the space below with your recommendation.

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