Healing and letting go

Hey there!
I want to encourage those of you who sometimes seem to get trapped in the middle of something you know you need to let go of.
I always try my best to pray before writing. If you didn’t know that, well now you know why you might see me as a good writer. Besides a lot of practice, I believe God has given me a gift to write to encourage people.

On today, I felt I need to release freedom and an easiness to not be bound by how people feel based upon your past or current decisions. Let go of what negative people have said about your decisions.

In addition, I felt the need to encourage those of you who are in the process of healing your soul, to rest more, get outside of your home, let go of the hurt, and simply get to the root of what you struggle with, especially if you are trying to comfort yourself in an unhealthy way, after getting rid of what you needed.

It’s definitely a process. But remember that you can do more, if you pause to work on letting your soul heal.
Seriously, if it’s been hard for you to get regular things done, try to stop and see if your soul needs healing.
For me, I notice that God has been dealing with me, one thing at a time.
For example, I used to struggle going out by myself.
Now, I love it so much, that I’ve had to say no to people, and tell people I can’t help them because I’ve had to recharge by being out by myself. How did the change happen?
Well, first of all, I had to get rid of my fears.
I had to get rid of the fear that someone could follow me or hurt me when I go out by myself. I also had to get rid of the fear that people would want to approach me for romantic purposes if I were to go out by myself. That was not the case 99% of the time!
And second of all, I had to learn to enjoy my own company, and that happened with practice and plenty of rest. So I had to stop many times (at the mirror, by closing my eyes, by putting new clothes, or even by just praising God), and give time for myself to become aware that I like who I am.
I also noticed that the deeper he wants to go in my soul, so that I can let go of whatever I’m holding onto, the more I might feel uncomfortable.
I don’t want to go on a rabbit trail.
If there is anything I want you to remember about this post is that I want you to remember to rest and to not stay at home all day, please. This will help you be more productive when you come back after a nice rest outside of home.
It’s the summer season , and if you don’t like how hot it gets, try to go outside in the early morning or in the evening when it’s cooler. Even a walk can change things up a little bit. You never know, more healing can happen when you are outside of the most comfortable place in your home.
And then, a few of you might need to visit your home town this summer, in order to receive more healing.
I’m just giving you some ideas that I believe are coming from the heart of God.

Have a blessed day, know that I’m praying for you.


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