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Journaling is the Best Therapy

I’ve gone through a long process of inner healing in the past 7 years. Many times, I’ve felt really good and thought I didn’t need to uncover another layer of healing.

I stopped pursuing healing in 2014. During the years 2014-2018, I’ve noticed that God was still dealing with healing my soul in an indirect way by my quiet times, long walks, long drives, journaling, and also by bringing people and using situations to show me something I couldn’t see on my own.

Randomly in the last months of year of 2018, I realized that I needed to go through another layer of intentionally pursuing inner-healing.

I knew that part of my healing was going to involve more time with God, more time processing with a few close people, and making time to see a therapist to talk about things.

I have a tight budget this season. I’ve had some health issues and the thought of pursuing seeing a therapist sounded very expensive. So after I found a good fit, I decided to see her 2 times a month instead of every week. So for you, I encourage you to work with what you have and make it work.

Side note: Me saying that writing is the best therapy, doesn’t discredit how powerful therapy can be. What I want to share with you is that it is possible to have self-therapy moments through writing during your in between therapy sessions.

If you are reading this, know you might benefit from therapy, but know that if you can’t afford it, I still encourage you to try to write about your feelings and thoughts.

However, if you are able to, try to find a support group, small group from church, a 12 step group (if you are recovering from an addition), or try to see a therapist once a month at least. Whatever you can do, if you are looking to heal, the combination of writing and therapy really works (besides other methods that the doctor tells you, since I’m not a doctor, I won’t talk about my thoughts on medication).

And now, let me share why I think journaling is the best therapy, once you make it a habit:

  • As you express your feelings and thoughts, you are no longer holding it in. This might lead you to release tears, pain, feelings of anger or sadness, etc, which can bring more healing.
  • You can always look back at what you wrote weeks or months ago and see progress
  • There is the anonymity factor since you won’t let anyone read your journal, except for those occasions you feel led to share it publicly
  • You can enjoy a drink and journal for as long as you want to do so
  • You can also take some of your entries and read them or share them with those in your support system
  • After some practice, you are more likely more able to process feelings in person. Also, if you believe in God, you can journal as if you were communicating with God through your journaling
  • You will gain strength to face difficult conversations in person (you know, the ones you have been delaying to have)

Lastly, I want to say that if you feel stuck in one or more areas in your life such as in your daily routine or your work, I encourage you to consider finding a therapist to process in person, getting into the habit of journaling, or sign up with a breakthrough coaching (to understand and fix the root of problems) call with me. Once you deal with the baggage, disappointment, resentment, (or whatever else it might be), you will be lighter to handle what is in front of you.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this as raw and honest as it can be to inspire you that it is okay to go through a process of healing, it is ok that not every area of life is well, it is okay to become self-aware in order to let go of the pain, it is totally okay to take time to grieve.

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