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Hey friend, as a few of you know, I’m working on writing my devotional book.
The more often I write, the more I’m noticing that my lifestyle is a bit different, and in some ways I’ve become obsessed about having at least 2 pens and a notebook, or a journal at hand to be able to write any last minute notes, quotes, insights or scriptures.
Carrying at least 2 pens in every single purse and tote that I have has been kind of obsessive but has helped me to be reminded to write, and to always be ready to receive information that might be helpful to write on my book.
Almost everything new that I learn is written on my book since it’s a devotional book where I’m planning to share many parts of my days with you, how exciting.
This post is more for those of you who see yourselves writing at least one non-fiction book in your lifetime, or those of you who want to promote your business, or products online. Blogging is a great way to let your audience know more about yourself.
I wanted to encourage you that writing is or will become a part of your lifestyle. It’s best if it happens that way.
I’ve noticed that there are 2 usual excuses people use when they know they want to work on writing their book but don’t do it. Here they are:

1) “I didn’t know what to write” 

If this is you, I encourage you to spend time around people, because maybe as you let life happen to you, you will have more to write about.
Another thing you can do is you can just write for your blog instead of for your book. If it’s hard to write for your blog, write something to someone you care about.
You will see that just writing something will get your writing juice out of your soul.
Lastly, if you really are struggling to know what to write, focus a few minutes on editing the grammar and making your writing more organized. For me this looks like editing subtitles, editing my outline, and adding prayers or challenges into my devotionals.

2) “I don’t have time to write” or “I’m too tired to write”

Trust me, #2 has been very common to me. So here are things I do when I feel tired or noticed that I don’t have a lot of time to write.

When I feel too tired to write, I focus on writing something short for work. I write a lot in my coaching business so there is no problem with that. 

Also, when I feel too tired to write, I simply take a break to wash my face, and enjoy a nice drink (usually coffee or frappuccino will do), or eat a snack (I’m not always healthy with snacks but try to be, I don’t know but chips seem to do something in my brain to keep writing!)

If you don’t have any time to write: 

My suggestion is to make the time to write, right after work (please take a short break though), or right before work. Whatever works for you!!! Remember that you are in charge of managing the 24 hours you have every day. You choose what you want to prioritize.
Lastly, as a writer myself I want to tell you that if you know you are called to write something, whatever that might be, I want to remind you that you are responsible to have the writing completed.
It is your responsibility to have it done, so that you can help, inspire, empower, and strengthen the many people who need to read what you write.
But, how will these people read what you write if you haven’t been able to write?
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