How to Overcome Rejection

Many don’t know that I’ve faced rejection many times. And of course it hurts, but with time, it seems it hurts less. And with the passing of times, it seems I take less time to forgive, forget about it and let it go like the song “Let it Go.”


I’ve learned many lessons from each time I was rejected and want to share them to keep you encouraged and also in hopes that you too can overcome rejection.


Please note though that the following are ways I’ve overcome rejection from the lessons I’ve learned through life. The way I overcame rejection might not be the same as yours. I still face rejection from time to time. What I do differently today is the process of how I get over it.

  1. Depend on the Favor of God

    As opposed to waiting for people to recognize my abilities, gifts, and pure motivation, I prefer to rely on the favor of God, which arrives in the perfect timing.  If you haven’t experienced the favor of God, it’s important you consider studying about it with a trusted group of people or at least one other person. In addition, read and hear stories of those who have experienced the favor of God. Your faith will increasing by hearing these stories, whether they are found in the bible or in people you meet.

  2. Let God be the Judge

    Every time I felt discrimination because of my appearance or my gender (Trust me, I know when people discriminate me because of my appearance because there are many talents I have and things I enjoy doing that don’t match with my appearance), I’ve learned to let God be the judge and let God show people who I really am.

  3. Choose to Trust God

    I’ve had times when I wanted to volunteer at a new place but people didn’t follow up with my request to help. At the end, God would open a better opportunity for me and I noticed that he didn’t want every door to be opened for me. I’m not God after all. He is also able to do things to guard our heart and wait until His best comes by. Would you trust him?

  4. Pray and Seek Clarification if Possible

    I’ve had a few people accuse me of something I haven’t done. Of course it hurts. But I’ve also learned to pray when I see injustice, rather than react to the accusation. I’ve also learned to not worry about proving people wrong, if that’s not necessary. In addition, sometimes it’s good to ask for clarification and seek understanding. Maybe it’s a communication issue.

  5. Find Where You Belong

    Do you belong to anyone who has an opinion about yourself? Do you have a community of people where you know you belong to, find family and do life with?  As a Christian, besides my blood family, I know I belong to God too. Belonging to God goes above belonging to my blood family. It took me 6 years to not only have head knowledge about it, but also a heart knowledge when I felt and experienced belonging to God. In addition, it took me 6 years to actually walk and do life knowing to whom I belong. Since I belong to God, whatever people say about me, doesn’t matter anymore. This belonging thing for me took a lot of time. I realized that I am reminded to whom I belong by being around those who also know to whom they belong.

  6. Remain Humble

    I’ve learned to stay humble because one day I could be doing something, another day I could be rejected, and another day another door might open. Have you ever considered that you might be having high expectations of outcomes and how people will respond to you?  Are you willing to have less expectations of how people will respond or treat you?So why should we worry so much about rejection? Maybe it’s a trust issue.Let’s stop trusting in people. Instead, let’s trust God.

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