feeling adhd in women

Pride is in between real heart to heart conversations.

Pride sometimes likes to hangout with people who care too much about being proper.

Pride happens and then we can’t be fully ourselves, because pride is like putting cheap makeup on ourselves.

It might look proper but it won’t last too long, to cover anything that needs coverage.

Pride is what kept me from asking for help. And every time I ask for help, I feel such a relief, I even feel loved when I’m asking for help, because I’m not just relying on me.

Pride has also kept me wanting to hold on to things in case if I needed them later. Because I used to think that stuff can help me do things better. While many times, God says to me that He is what I need, along with the people he wants for me to walk this journey with.

Pride also has kept me focusing more on self-image (preparing, planning, learning to know more, and focusing on whether I look okay) than in obeying God immediately.

Pride has kept me away from helping more people because I thought I need to “have it together” before I can help.

I have seen how much pride likes to hang out with shame. And together they isolate people.

When a person has pride and shame, they think they are doing their best by not sharing their burdens, because “people are too busy and my stuff is no big deal.” Together, pride and shame, think they can do life and ignore pain.


Don’t ignore the pain! I have seen many times that God has it together, not ourselves.


God invites us to come to him and talk about things with him (you can read more about it in Isaiah 1:18 and Matthew 11:28).


I encourage you to be real to at least someone out there. Go ahead and reach out!

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