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Liliana Answering your Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

Due to many asking me the same type of questions and due to the fact that I like to manage my time well, I’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions I have from people that are curious to know if my coaching will work in their goals. Here they are:

Q: Can my health insurance cover your life coaching service?

A: No. I’m not a medical doctor nor a psychotherapist.

Q: Do you offer a free consultation?

A: We sometimes do depending on how busy my coaching practice is at the moment. I invite you to go here for a free consultation:

Q: How do you coach someone who has ADD or ADHD?

A: As a coach, I can work with the client to figure out what they want to work on and how to get there. I hold them accountable for their goals, help them find new ways of getting things done, and help the client find new perspective in any areas where they feel stuck. Email coaching, coaching calls and in-person coaching works well depending on the person’s need and if they are visual learners. I also believe in a supportive team of other professionals to help the client and will provide referrals as needed to support their physical and mental health.

Q: How do you coach someone who wants to improve their writing goals?

A: It depends on what type of writing they are working on. I’ve had clients who have worked on journaling, blog post and book writing goals with me. This coaching can be done through email, coaching calls and also in person. I use accountability coaching as my style and ask deep questions to help the client figure out their next steps. I can also provide suggestions and light feedback to content of writing if I’m familiar with the topic but not the formatting of it.

Q: Can you coach someone with multiple goals?

A: Yes. I do it differently depending on the type of coaching the client signs up for. During coaching calls, we can discuss multiple goals but during the email coaching plan, we will go one or two goal(s) at a time. There is no “set” way of coaching. It depends on the person and I look at different aspects of the person.

Q: How do you coach someone who needs accountability?

A: It depends on the client. I sometimes use tools like excel spreadsheets and provide outside sources of online co-working places. On other times, the client commits to check-in daily with the coach and provide daily progress. As a coach, I provide encouragement, support and feedback for progress as needed.

Q: I saw that you are a Christian life coach, I’m not religious at all. How much religious material is there in your coaching program?

A: I bring biblical principles that are ingrained in me to the way I coach such as: stewardship, excellence, integrity, wisdom, patience, self-discipline, steadfastness, encouragement, compassion and understanding. That’s why my business name is The Path Christian Life Coaching.

I only provide religious material (including but not limited to: prayer, scriptures, devotionals, prophetic word, book recommendations, support groups, third party conferences, third party workshops, third party retreats, etc.) to clients who share my same faith beliefs and also request for me to provide religious material in our coaching. Otherwise, I don’t do it. I don’t discriminate people based on their beliefs, gender, values, nationality, etc.

Q: How does your email coaching plan work?

A: It goes in a similar way as a coaching call would go. We cover the same stuff from assessment, mindset shift, to goal brainstorming, to accountability and feedback. But the email coaching usually goes way slower than a coaching call. If you are not in a rush to see major changes in your progress and prefer a more slow pace but on-the-go coaching approach, email coaching will work for you.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: My coaching practice has an automatic invoicing system and we accept payments via all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, Debit Cards) and can also accept via the app Venmo. Payment should be paid by the day prior to when coaching starts unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. I provide you with all the information including my rate via email, don’t worry. I don’t offer a sliding scale but offer weekly payments for those who can’t pay monthly for the monthly coaching plans. If you have challenges in submitting your payment, you can email us.

Q: I have a family member I know needs coaching, can I talk to you about that person?

A: I prefer to talk to the person who needs coaching. Otherwise, it would be a lot of “she has;” “I think she is;” she said…” I don’t coach children nor teens. So if that person is an adult in need of coaching, I trust you can make the connection and have them contact me directly.

You can also email me your questions or situation via email. I don’t respond to every single phone call inquiry because most can be handled via email. It saves me time and I like to spend my coaching time with current clients.

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