List of some things I do to Rest

First and foremost, rest is not easy for me to do, but due to the bad habit of working too much, I’m writing this for you and to stay accountable for me.  So I came up with a list of things that I do to practice rest seriously. Feel free to borrow some things, depending on your lifestyle.

1. Drink Kombucha tea (this is my favorite drink nowadays)

This drink reminds me that I need to be energized. And in order to be energized, I need to take a moment to sit and drink this and reflect for a few seconds on my day. Since It’s my favorite drink, I take moments to let the flavors go through my mouth.

2. Go to the beach, and when I can’t, I go to a park

3. Avoid places where I know I will be overwhelmed

This might be different to you, for me I sometimes have to stay away from crowded places or places where I barely know people. And of course, sometimes I have to go out of my comfort zone so that I won’t stay at home all day in my days off.

4. Paint my nails

Depending on how I’m doing with my finances, I sometimes treat myself to the nail salon, but sometimes I just do my own manicure and pedicure. But I really enjoy the pedicures at the nail salon.

5. Drink soup and eat salads

6. Have spontaneous meals with friends who get me and know what my heart needs at the moment

I don’t have too many friends (and I consider that a good thing) who get me and know what my heart needs without me speaking, but to the few that I have, I appreciate you more than words can express. You know that sometimes I need talks to prevent burn out and doing more than I can do.

7. Writing

8. Listening to worship music

9. Talking to God about how I feel

10. I turn the sound of my phone off and put it somewhere I won’t see it

11. I diffuse essential oils to stay healthy and clear off congestion, or allergies, so that my mornings can be more rested.

I get paid to do work using my phone, so resting away from my phone is EXTREMELY NEEDED TO STAY SANE and avoid workaholic tendencies! I also get daily texts of people wanting for me to pray for them, and you are welcome to let me know how I can pray for you too. So, that’s why I have to sometimes keep the sounds of my phone off.

How about you?

I recommend writing a list of things you love to do, and make it a habit to look at it at least once a week so you can pick at least one thing to do.

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  1. Daniel Plummer
    Daniel Plummer says:

    These are excellent suggestions and inspiring. I think I get stuck in the same relaxing routines, but with just a little forethought I could be recharging in new and better ways.



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