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Self-Affirmations for People who Get Distracted with Social Media

Let’s focus on what we can get done when we delay or ignore social media time

A study by the University of California in Irvine found that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get yourself back on track after being interrupted. And nowadays, social media access is one of those things that can interrupt us from getting more done.

We don’t have to be stuck using social media and procrastinating on other more important things. Self-affirmations are positive phrases we tell ourselves to focus on the positive. I’m hoping the picture above will help me share with you about a brief lesson I learned of seeing the power of saying self-affirmations to ourselves as putting moisturizer on our face. I understand not everyone likes to wear moisturizer on their face. Some people don’t consider it necessary.

But before you throw rocks at me for this analogy, I want you to take a look at the purpose of a moisturizer. Its purpose is to nourish our skin when it is dry and also to prevent dryness and wrinkles (depending on the type of moisturizer you use).

Self-affirmations have proven to work very well for our minds to focus on a positive outcome or a positive aspect of ourselves. We sometimes might think we don’t really need self-affirmations to overcome social media distractions but once we start using them, we will notice the difference it can make to make our days more productive. And similarly, when we compare the self-affirmations with moisturizer, we can notice that when we finally use the moisturizer, that’s when we realize how helpful it is. However, when we forget about the benefits of a moisturizer, we usually tend to forget to use it if it’s out of sight.

So hopefully using the moisturizer analogy can help introduce the following examples of self-affirmations I have used that you can also use to stay away from social media when you need to work on something meaningful to you.

1. There is nothing else that needs my time and attention right now

Social media can steal more time than what you expect. Whatever we think about, we usually end up doing. So in order to think about “what I need to do instead of checking social media,” you can include the action step of imagining yourself not being able to finish a project or devote time to your loved ones because you decided to devote your time to social media.

Another action step you can take about this besides using self-affirmations is to also write down a “To Do Later List” and a “Do Not Do List.” That way, every time you think about social media, you can remind yourself that it is part of your “To Do Later” or Do Not Do List.”

2. I need to finish this project before checking social media

Sometimes, we might think “let me check this one thing and I will get back to work” but it doesn’t really happen until after 10 to 20 to sometimes longer minutes. If that’s you, I recommend that you first finish your project or part of your project.

If you struggle checking your social media at every hour, what I recommend is to start small. Maybe consider saying this affirmation “I need to finish one pomodoro* before I check my social media again.”

*pomodoro: is a 25 minute timer as tool for productivity

3. My friends won’t pay my bills

Assuming that the project you need to do doesn’t involve being in social media, your bills won’t get paid the longer you are on social media, so do yourself a favor and focus on the tasks that lead you to paying your bills.

If you are currently not working, perhaps you are learning or studying something, you can instead use this affirmation: “my friends won’t pass the exam for me.”

Another similar affirmation to use is “These strangers on social media won’t pay my bills.”

Hopefully the next time you want to use social media, you consider thinking that in someways this can be true: “time is valuable” or even this “time is money” (by Benjamin Franklin).

4. If I check social media, I will never finish____ today.

The above statement is has a space for you to fill in. Is there anything you know you won’t finish if you keep checking social media throughout the day? Remember that there are some projects or tasks that will need your attention for a very long amount of time.

Furthermore, if you are someone who needs external motivation, perhaps consider saying this self-affirmation “If I check social media, _____ will be disappointed I didn’t finish ____”

So now, let me ask you. Are you ready to practice self-affirmations seriously? If you already do so, what is your favorite self-affirmation you use nowadays?

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