Strategies to Study with Excellence from Home

Sharing Strategies in 21 Videos of what Helped me Learn and Pass a Comprehensive Exam

In July of 2019, I scheduled a very important comprehensive state exam for my work during that time. I remember having annoying self-doubful thoughts that made me feel not capable of passing the exam. Nevertheless, I tried my bess to prepare. And then, in August 2020, I took the exam and passed it in the first try.

Here is a self-guided list of tips I shared through a series of Live videos on my Facebook business page. My hope is that these strategies would help professionals (such as aspiring doctors) to pass any upcoming exams you are preparing for. It’s not only about studying well, but also about taking care of yourself and having mental strength to not let toxic thoughts influence you.

These strategies also work well for those of you who are working on your development as business owner or want to learn something new (a new language, a hobbie, or a new skill) from the comfort of your home this season:

Day 1: Get Motivated

Day 2: Learning Styles and Tendencies when Learning Something New

Day 3: Research and Collect Information before you Study

Day 4: Remove and Ignore your Distractions

Day 5: Concentration and Accountability Tips

Day 6: Taking Breaks while you Study

Day 7: The Power Hour

Day 8: Stay Motivated while you Study at your Power Hour

Day 9: Evaluate your Progress

Day 10: How to Personlize your Study Time

Day 11: Exercising Helps Mental Health

Day 12: Nutrition and Vitamins

Day 13: Snacks and Drinks to Fight Off Fatigue

Day 14: Tips for Planning your Time when Taking your Exam

Day 15: Scheduling a Day off

Day 16: Recognize what Works

Day 17: Using an Effective Planning System

Day 18: Overcome Self-Doubt

Day 19: Overcome Lack of Confidence

Day 20: Benefits of a Supportive Community

Day 21: Celebrate the Progress you have made so far

Ready? I’m cheering you on your unique journey towards learning with excellence from home. I believe in you and I know you have everything it takes to learn and pass!

If you can’t do this on your own and want to consider getting help for major implementation to accomplish your goals and get individualized strategies, I invite you to see if coaching is something that could work for you, I encourage you to sign up by going HERE

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