14 Success Stories of What Clients Said About Liliana:


1)   Aurora Afable fron San Diego CA,  SEO Digital Marketing Freelancer, wrote:

Liliana is a great coach! She listens to my problems and helps me get through them on a day-to-day basis. She can change your life. She made sure that I was focused on my goal! She is very thoughtful and has answered all my questions due to doubt. Give her a try! She knows her stuff! I highly recommend her to anyone who is needing Christian-based coaching.”



2) Ayamel Arce from Los Angeles CA, Production Accountant at Estrella TV, wrote:  

“I’ve been super blessed to have Liliana Fung as a friend and coach,
she has helped me hear the voice of God more clearly,
her counsel is good and tender to the heart. If you need healing,
help starting a business, she is your go to person.



3) Stefano Gentile from Italy, Life Coach, wrote:  

“I was looking to improve my own personal productivity and i found Liliana Coach in Coach.me app directory. I start following her general advise in Coach.me then i decide to move a step forward and asked Liliana to be my Coach. I’m happy I did it because I found her to be professional, her experience and her guidance very effective. I suggest Liliana, as a great Coach, if you are looking to improve your own productivity, and also if you value more balance in your life.”



4) Violet Detre, Cutler Bay, Fl, Life Coach, shares what she learned in this video:

5) Scott Ostrander, Arlington Heights, IL, Web Designer:

“Coach Liliana helped me during a time when I was challenged with a significant loss of income, mild depression, and lack of focus for my life and work. My goal with her was working productively. She connected with me on my Christian beliefs and listened extremely well to my overall concerns. Both things I really respect and appreciate. Some things I enjoyed about her coaching included the high quality of engagement and consistency in communication. She cared for all the things I shared, yet was direct and clear about next steps and prioritization. I’m a freelancer/entrepreneur and she provided a much needed accountability for my business efforts. I highly recommend her for coaching!”


6) Kirby Ingles from Falls Church, VA., Life Coach, wrote:

“Coach Liliana helped me achieve my goal of journaling every day. During our time together I was able to journal for 12 days in a row without breaking the chain and 39 times in 45 days. She consistently communicated with me in a positive way and checked in while offering suggestions and tips. Liliana showed compassion and trust throughout our coaching conversations.”


7) Jonas wrote:

“Liliana is a coach that I can recommend 100%. She showed a great compassion and patience
with me through the coaching I got in various areas of my life, especially dealing with my sleep disorder, my low self image,
my addiction to porn, my procrastination and problems of structuring my daily routines.
I can say that Liliana worked very professionally all the time and followed up consistently and really cared for me as a client.
She showed great insight into my problems, did a lot of background research and found many helpful
resources for me. She was all the time genuinely herself, honest and direct, warmhearted and non-judgmental
but not afraid of asking the tough questions that I needed to deal with.  She has a lot of knowledge from many areas of
life and I can recommend Liliana without any reservation.”

8) Sherri Green from Hopkinsville, KY, Weight Loss and Wellness Accountability Coach, wrote:

I was coached in preventive measure for depression with grief. Liliana gave me a few strategies to deal with depression and grief. She held me accountable for my new routines and gave me encouragement and support. I am going through a few transitions now; and, she helped me to focus on my daily goals, while keeping long term goals insight.

Liliana’s strong point is her compassion and patience. She viewed my responses to journal writing that was not always on topic with thoughtfulness and appreciation. She is a good spiritual and accountability coach.


9) Joseph Z. wrote:

“Coach Liliana is a very patient and caring individual who is willing to give you that extra nudge to push yourself so that you can grow in your endeavors. Her depth of knowledge in varying domains of self-improvement is impressive. I’m grateful for her help in improving myself as a person and thankful that Liliana is my coach!”


10) Daniel Plummer, present client, wrote: 

“I’ve been very impressed with your emails, podcasts, and vlogs, so I’m really excited to be working with you.”


11) Jordan, wrote:

“Coach Liliana worked with me on my sobriety. She was very encouraging as well as knowledgeable. Her support and coaching have been invaluable in getting past 40 days sober. I would definitely recommend her!”


12) H.R., Blogger, wrote:

“I have truly benefited from my life coaching sessions with Liliana. Depending on your goals, this could be a comfortable challenge, or something very hard to face. However, Liliana will nudge you to go a little bit further and further beyond your expectations every time.
As a journey that takes cooperation, communication, and active participation on both sides, she helps to guide you to your aspirations, but leaves the responsibility to you to take part. I really liked that this life coaching approach does not helicopter over you, but lets you take the reigns. The meetings with her bring me back to focus as it’s so easy to lose track as the days go by, even in one week.
Thank you, Liliana, for being a patient life coach and truly taking time to get to know me in the process, in order to help me better.”


13) Bella wrote:

“What goal did I get coached in.., is the farthest thing from the truth because Miss C (my nickname for Coach Liliana) helped me deal with multiple things and goals & it wouldn’t be fair to act as if she helped me with just one. I originally got Miss C’s help and coaching with my sobriety – and since then, I am going on my 23rd day clean. But Miss C helped me find the core things I not only wanted to address but to change – and that starts with admitting each and every thing I wanted to change about myself in order for me to achieve that bigger goal of being and staying sober. She made me feel so welcome IMMEDIATELY and wanted to know who I really was – not just another client; but she made me feel like she truly cared. She’s beyond wonderful. I didn’t feel alone in this turmoil I called my life. And 3 weeks later, my life is the complete opposite. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach.”


14) Anonymous wrote:

“Liliana has helped me rediscover my joy in studying. That helped me greatly, because I was stuck, thinking that only grades mattered. As a consequence, I lost my interest in my study subject Psychology, although it is a passion of mine. Realizing that having fun is an indispensable ingredient for success, I got back on the right track at the right time. Thanks Liliana!”