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How to Be a Top Writer for Medium!

Hi there, how are you?

Despite life and various opinions (most of them were not so nice to hear) from people who care so much about me…I kept and keep writing…now I’m listed as Top Productivity Writer on www.Medium.com. Praise God, I know He is the one favoring my writing, English is not even my first language, but my favorite one because I breathe, think, express, write, and feel in the English language.
Medium is an amazing and very elegant online publishing platform where people read, write and interact with stories. The articles that people post on Medium contain really pretty and big pictures too!
I’ve seen many business owners sharing their expertise and promoting their services on Medium.com by the way. If you are a business owner who likes to write and post colorful pictures, keep reading!

You might be asking, why is she writing so much? Lol

Well, I want to become an author by the end of this year or the beginning of next year, so writing everyday, even writing things that I won’t include in my book is important. I also want to share a lot of things I’ve learned.

I’ve been writing since my early teens (in my physical journals), did a lot of academic writing, and have done a lot of email writing through various different jobs, kept on writing blog posts on Blogger and this website, and now I’m 30.5 years old today.

I also have been writing consistently in Medium.com since September 2016. I somewhat started to gain a lot of insight and easiness to write, so I had to share through writing.

I also have noticed that the grace of God has been magnified in my gift of teaching and writing right after my spiritual fast in September 2016. I’m not kidding.

I enjoy teaching what I’ve learned these past years through writing.

So one of the first places I started to write every week (or every month) since September 2016 was on Medium.com.

By the way, whenever you go to my website homepage, you will see a new badge (award) that says “Top Writer” I wanted to make sure you guys know that I received it from Medium.com recently, I’m one of their Top Writers in both Productivity AND Mental Health, here are 2 ways to find me in Medium:

Look for my name at: Top Productivity Medium Writers

Visit me at My Medium profile

According to Medium.com, I received the award by posting articles with the “Productivity” tag that had good quality, a good length of words, and because the articles I published were read by many readers.

If you are wondering what you can do to receive the Top Writer badge on Medium, here are few tips:

Tip #1: Write once or twice a week

You MUST make it a non-negotiable commitment, and make sure you tag with the same tag. So make sure you write within one broad topic where you consider yourself an expert, consistently

Tip #2: Write by sharing personal stories to relate to your audience

If you can’t write about your personal stories or don’t want to be so real on the internet, you might need to talk to someone to deal with anything blocking you from being more real. Because what people really like on medium.com are life stories. That’s why they call their articles “stories.”

Tip #3: Write about what your audience usually wants to know about

This tip has been the toughest one for me, because as a writer and as a life coach, I have many different specialties. I’m known for helping people in different ways, and I’m known as someone who tends to help clients with their various goals. So in order to work on tip #3, I had to read a lot of the Medium articles to find out what my audience tends to like. In addition, I would go look at the profile of each one of my followers to see what are the titles of the articles they have recommended.

Extra Tips if you want God to guide your writing

Consider praying this: “God, I surrender this time of writing to you, I give you permission to remove all of my distractions and my own interruptions. Please help me to write what you want to say, In Jesus Name, Amen.” It’s also helpful to sit in different settings and see where you feel more in touch with your spiritual ears.

Your Next Steps:

If you are having a hard time with your writing habit, or simply need feedback on the content of your writing, you might need to hire a writing coach who will push you to write more consistently. Visit this link to find out more: How I can Help You Write Effeciently

I’ve had at least 15 clients who are students hiring me in the past year. Feel free to fill out this application for a free consultation with me: HERE

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