Turning Points that Humbled Me

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In the stories of many different characters in the Bible (like in Job7:6, and of Habakkuk 1:1) you will see that there were moments of silence and really challenging times.

I feel the immense need to encourage you because the Holy Spirit interrupted my day to encourage you (Philippians 2:4). In this post, I’m more vulnerable than others by the way, but if you know me, this is kind of normal in my small circle of friends.

There were many different moments of waiting in my life when I expected the “crazy” to happen as others would say.

For this blog post, I’m going to share the time when I was waiting to obtain legal presence in the US. to finally work as a therapist and a later time when I gave up my career as therapist. These were major turning points that humbled me and without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

During the first months of year 2012, I was finishing up my schooling and about to obtain my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. At the time, family and friends were wondering what is it that I would do with my life after graduating because I immigrated as a teenager with my mother to this country through a tourist visa (in year 2002) and then overstayed during many years after it expired, I was supposed to move to Peru and probably find a job or open my private counseling practice there, that was the easy route, which I was considering.

But, I knew God’s favor (Psalm 5:12) could turn things around and I knew he had something good waiting for me, I prayed and waited a lot. I just didn’t know what God would do to fix the problem of not being able to work in the U.S. after graduating.

And then, on June 15, 2012, prior President Obama decided to release the DACA, which allows people who came to the US as a minor, who were able to go to school, to get permission to work legally. This Obama program was executed a few days before my graduation on June 24, 2012.

I was super excited to finally be able to work legally as a therapist! So I submitted my application and received my employment authorization in October of 2012. I really thought that my calling was to help people as a therapist. I got an interview in the last week of 2012, and then began my first paid job as a counselor at an outpatient treatment center for adults with addictions in January 7, 2013. That job stretched me so much that I plan to write about it on another time. I even went through a period of depression where I needed a lot of healing to happen, which I’m glad I went through it.

Fast forward a few years, during the beginning of year 2014, I started to experience a lack of motivation for counseling my patients. The job I prayed for became something I didn’t have as much passion for anymore. It was also tougher to write the notes of all of my counseling sessions. As someone who enjoys writing, I found it odd. Not all the passion was gone, I still enjoyed and noticed how easy it was for me to facilitate support groups and pray with the patients who shared my same faith beliefs, sharing with them my faith and how my journey has been.

I experienced a lot of healing in 2014 and was going to individual counseling and support groups (Celebrate Recovery Ministry for those who survived abuse and Adult Children of Dysfunctional Family support group) for myself. I also signed up for the School of Supernatural Ministry, there was one held at HRock Church. During one of the ministry times we had in November 2014, God told me that his assignment for me that season was to love my mom. I’m still working on that today by the way! During that time, I was not living with my mom.

Later on, after praying about it in December 2014, I decided to quit my job as therapist and also move to live with my mom next month. I also quit my dream to become licensed as Marriage and Family Therapist. I was working towards the required 3,000 hours of “training” before taking the licensing exam. But I simply noticed that it wasn’t for me anymore. It is hard to explain in a blog post. These decisions were some of the toughest ones but I received a lot of peace while going through them. But honestly, without those decisions, I wouldn’t have time to do what I do now nor would I have time to write and share my walk with others.

Fast forward to today, I have a better understanding of my calling and it’s starting to make sense, because His calling is about people, not so much about myself or what I feel like doing. Last year, I got a job carrying different hats at a Christian university, and started the evening entrepreneurship life in 2016 working as an online life coach. I know both of these jobs might last a long time (or can be temporary) I no longer care too much about what I could be doing with my past experience or education because God is my provider and I’m here to glorify and reflect him, not myself.

I also want to say that ever since 2015 started, I’ve noticed I was able to devote more of my time to my family, which after all, no matter who is right or wrong, having a relationship with family does matter and it is possible to have, especially when you decide to live with them.

Do you see how some things I prayed for were answered but my path ended up more different than anything I thought I could do? (Proverbs 16:9).

I want to encourage you to try your best to look outside of your circumstance/your own life (Matthew 16:24-26) and to be watchful of what God is doing right now for your good (Romans 8:28  and Habakkuk 1:5). After all, it is best to go through this journey with the strength that God is giving us (1 Peter 4:10-11) to be a blessing to others (this is different from person to person), other than just going through life caring for simply our own well-being.

Activation for those of you in a crossroad moment: Journal or call a friend to help you with one of these questions:
“What is God doing right now that I can’t see?”
“What can I learn from what I am going through?”

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