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What Can I Do to Make Myself Ready?

I hear many solutions, milestones, opportunities, open doors and events that people are waiting on.

There IS a huge amount of prayers that I’ve been praying, AND FOR WHICH I AM waiting on a response FOR.

We are all waiting for at least SoMething. But what can we do to make ourselves ready while we wait?

There is also a lot that I used to be waiting and praying for that has been coming to pass recently.

Makes me wonder if I prepared myself enough before receiving some OF THE new things and opportunities THAT CAME MY WAY.

I don’t think that I have consciously prepared myself for my current season.

But I’m certain that I’ve been prepared through the circumstances and people around me in my past season.

Is there ANYthing major that you are currently waiting on?

I’m sure THAT THING is something major and you can’t wait for it to become A reality.

Since we don’t know when THAT THING WILL happen, WE’RE LEFT WITH THE QUESTION, “Is there anything I can do right now to prepare for it? JUST TO CLARIFY, I’m not saying you are not ready nor THAT YOU ARE NOT enough for it.

BUT, I AM just wondering if there is anything you can do to better prepare for it (Proverbs 21:5).

Let’s say you are praying for a promotion, for a better job, or for you to meet someone whom you will marry later on.

Those are all major life decisions that come with unique responsibilities and can bless you if they happen at the right time.

So THEN, what small step can you do to better prepare for it?

When THAT SOMETHING IS in front of you, is there anything you can do right now to be more adjusted to what you are waiting for?

Many times, I’ve noticed that when my schedule “suddenly” gets super busy because of a new opportunity, my scheduling habits go off for some weeks or even months because I was not ready for the “sudden” change of priorities. What I’ve learned to do is to, ANTICIPATE AND BETTER prepare myself for future changes in my schedule by having some empty spaces in between different events or tasks. I CAN HANDLE CHANGES BETTER by having designated days for certain chores or activities, that can help during busier seasons.

That was just one example.

When WHAT you are waiting for is currently in front of you, is there anything you will no longer have the time FOR? Maybe that is something you can HANDLE IN ADVANCE right now!!!

I recently was diagnosed with a health condition that has impacted my body. Thankfully, I heard from God that he would heal me so as I am waiting for my next doctor appointment but also committed to take better care of my body in a natural way while I wait for my check up. Not only that, but I also am committed to hear from others who can speak into my life to keep increasing in my faith and walk with God. It has been extremely impactful to hear my spiritual mother encourage me to wait on God to heal me.

In addition, during my wait, I’ve noticed that some things are slowing down because my body tends to need more rest than usual. It is okay if this happens because I can focus on more reflective activities like walking and writing (like writing a new blog post). So what I am preparing for, is for a time of full healing when my schedule will be more busy, when I plan to exercise more often and more intensively and when I would have to pick up the pace. Hope this encourages you!

Before I go, I just want to encourage you, to not get “stuck” in your current week, month or season of waiting. There is a lot you can do. There is so much you can learn, develop and there are people you can continue to do life with, while you wait.

Make the most of your waiting season.

When the answer finally arrives, it will make sense and you will appreciate it so much more. Perhaps your character CAN BE IMPROVED OR YOUR space and time management CAN BE handled better.

It can also SERVE AS a remarkable testimony for those who need to find hope and encouragement later on.

That’s the reason I’m writing this.

If you have something you are waiting on, don’t just “wait,” but prepare for it. Talk to someone to help you prepare for what you want to see happen. And sometimes, a coach or mentor can help you prepare for something coming up, as well as help you better navigate a sudden and recent change in your priorities or schedule.

There is always a way to manage sudden changes in a healthy and helpful way, all you’ve got to do is reach out. It is entirely within your reach.

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