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How to Make a Year End Review and Be Ready for 2017

year end review

The year is about to end while I write this on December 28th. I’ve been trying my best to review what I’ve learned, what has been successful, and what hasn’t been successful.

Are you ready to join me in making a year-end review? Let’s start with getting your pen and paper (or your iPad), and by making a list of the following:

What did you learn this year? (This includes lessons on what really matters to you, insights from failures, habits, and new skills or talents)

What has been successful? (This question is similar to the above, but the difference is that #2 focuses on what you have been able to accomplish, “your wins”). If this question is hard to answer, try to ask yourself what did you do to have a successful day in 2016?

For those of you who have your own business or are independent contractors, if a successful day means that the work you did is bringing profit, evaluate whether cold calls, blogs, products, and your services performed as you expected.

What are things or tasks were unsuccessful?

I encourage you to work on your 3 lists for 5 to 10 minutes each day, and by the end of the weekend you will recognize trends and insights. And that leads me to the next list.

From the above lists, what can you create or do from year 2016, to better serve your patients/clients/customers?

In other words, what type of content or product do you want to create/produce in 2017 based on what you have learned in 2016?

If there has been unfinished projects or blogs from year 2016, how about if you plan to finish them in 2017? (Put deadlines to your projects/tasks)

Final Holiday Tips:

The best way to save money is to learn to say no to your wants, and yes to your needs (Including the need to make profit). The better you plan your days, the less likely you are to waste money and time with those who don’t support you or who put you down.

If you are working on your business, here is a great podcast to listen to from the Fizzle Show.

If you struggle with planning for a successful 2017, choose a planning system that works for you lifestyle, here is a bunch to try and choose from:

Free PDF Planners:

  • Brendon Burchard’s Productivity Planner, HERE
  • Productive Flourishing offers free daily, weekly and yearly planners HERE
  • Story Line Blog offers daily scheduling worksheets, good for working on projects: HERE
  • Live Your Legend Weekly Planning Workbook: This begins with a review of last week, to help you better plan the next week. To access it, visit HERE

Happy new year 2017, Hope it is a blessed and prosperous one!

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